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Full 4K Production

4K 자연다큐멘터리, 4K 항공촬영, 4K Timelapse, 4K 영상 아카이브 구축
2008년 Redone 도입 이후 차세대 영상포맷인 UHD TV용 4K 제작만을 고집해 왔습니다.
최고 품질, 최고의 결과물을 제작합니다.

디엠지와일드(DMZwild) 연출/감독 임 완 호

  1. 4K Aerial : Journey of Fresh Water

    Shot on GH4 with Gcam Gimbal

  2. 4K Timelapse - Life

  3. 4K Travel : Kazakhstan

    Just collecting some footages for Kazakhstan National Museum.
    I'd spent one month in Kazakhstan from June to July.
    What a nice music....M83 - Outro.

  4. 4K Travel : Cape Washington - antarctica (황제펭귄)

    Emperor Penguin Colony in East Antarctica
    Shot on Epic (4K)

  5. 2012 Antarctica with Epic - 120fps

    4K Footage with Epic-X

  6. 4k LIFE : Birds of the isolated

    Breeding site of Black-faced spoonbill near DMZ in the west coast of korean penninsula
    Redone & Epic-x used during 2010-2013
    On-going nature history documentary for 4K.



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